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Directed by Brian C Miller Richard
FEATURE NARRATIVE 87 Minutes World Premiere
Gal (Teri Wyble) is helplessly adrift in her own life: trapped in a cycle of addiction and estranged from her young son. When she receives a cryptic and troubling call from her faith-healer father (Dane Rhodes) with alarming news about her mother (Carol Anne Gayle), who passed away several years ago, Gal reluctantly packs her bags and ventures to her father’s houseboat in the remote Louisiana Bayou. When she arrives, he quickly reveals to her a disturbing secret that he’s been harboring: the corpse of a mysterious young woman perfectly preserved and tucked into his bed. His revelation forces them to face a reality that neither of them wants to be true. What follows is a literal and spiritual journey across the Atchafalaya Basin where both Gal and her father are forced to reckon with the grief they’ve been trying so desperately to suppress.

Featuring an immersive soundscape that evokes a world rich with lore and mysticism, Lost Bayou is a hauntingly evocative slice of Louisiana life that traces the fraught journey out of pain and into healing.

—Shayna Weingast
About the Director(s)
Brian C. Miller Richard began his professional career by directing several American Advertising Award-winning commercials and award-winning short films. His directorial debut, Lost Bayou, was chosen as a 2018 IFP Narrative Lab Project. Brian resides in New Orleans, Louisiana and owns a production company, Construct Films.

Film Info
Cast & Credits
  • Director:
    Brian C. Miller Richard
  • Producer:
    Alicia Davis Johnson, Kenneth Reynolds, Brian C. Miller Richard, Hunter Burke, Russell Blanchard, Murray Roth
  • Executive Producer:
    Alicia Davis Johnson, Brian C. Miller Richard, Hunter Burke
  • Screenwriter:
    Nick Lavin, Hunter Burke
  • Cinematographer:
    Natalie Kingston
  • Editor:
    Robert Grigsby Wilson
  • Composer:
    Lost Bayou Ramblers
  • Wardrobe Designer:
    Meghan Cornay Lavin
  • Cast:
    Teri Wyble, Dane Rhodes, Deneen Tyler, Hunter Burke, Terence Rosemore, Jackson Beals

  • Press Contact
    Scott Feinstein
    New York, New York 10016
    Phone: 212 413 0806
  • US Sales Contact
    Nate Bolotin
    XYZ Films
    Los Angeles, CA 90016
    Phone: 310 956 1554
  • International Sales Contact
    Nate Bolotin
    XYZ Films
    Los Angeles, CA 90016
    Phone: 310 956 1554
  • Print Source
    Dimitris Athos
    Post Pro Gumbo
    Brooklyn, NY 11201
    Phone: 917 698 9435


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